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  • Robert Farago

Hillary Clinton for President!

Here we go again...

Is there anyone who seriously thinks Joe Biden will be re-elected? Forget the lackluster economy, corruption, censorship and explosive expansion of the federal government. The American people know the President suffers from senile dementia, and it’s getting worse. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Except…

The power brokers behind the cranky octogenarian currently serving as the President of the United States. A man who promises to build a railroad over the Indian ocean. A man who signs-off a speech by blessing dead British royalty (instead of, say, America). A man who thinks he’s running the country, but isn’t. A figurehead.

If America re-elects Joe Biden, the men, women and non-binaries running the White House could keep on keeping on. Sure, at some point, they’d have to evoke the 25th Amendment, declaring Uncle Joe unfit for driving. I mean, the presidency. Here’s how that would go down…

The vice president and a majority of the Cabinet send a written declaration to the Speaker of the House and the President of the Senate stating that the Uncle Joe is “unable to discharge his duties.”

The vice president then immediately becomes acting president. Done.

The President can contest the declaration of incapacity. If so, Congress votes yea or nay on his tenure within 48 hours. If two-thirds the House of Representatives and the Senate declare the president unfit, he stays on the sidelines.

That’s a historical footnote that no one in their right mind would want to have below their name. Biden’s not in his right mind, so a Constitutional crisis isn’t entirely impossible. Anyway…

Replacing joltin’ Joe with Kamala “Word Salad” Harris wouldn’t be ideal for America.

Since when does that consideration stay the hands on those holding the levers of power? Like any good Democrat, Ms. Harris can be “managed.” Whatever difficulties President Harris would present, they’d be way better than losing the presidency to the other team.

To avoid that fate, the charade known as Biden for President 2024 will continue – right up to the point where it doesn’t. When the Party’s power players decide it’s time to replace their doddering standard bearer with a new candidate. One who can win the presidency.

The left-leaning media keeps putting California Governor and Laundry lover Gavin Newsom forward as their great white hope. As does Gavin Newsom (campaigning on the DL).

Despite flyover voters’ understandable reluctance to California their America, Newsom has a decent shot at defeating Trump, DeSantis and whoever wins the Republican nomination.

Newsom is young, handsome and more than slick enough to reframe his far left agenda as common sense centrism. Despite his COVID lock-down, The Golden State’s sky-high taxes and squalid, crime-ridden city streets, more than fifty percent of California voters approve of Newsom’s record.

Gavin’s Democratic base is a given. As for his appeal to independents fortunate enough to pay taxes elsewhere, California’s governor is an unknown and untested quantity. Hillary Clinton isn’t.

Lest we forget, the former First Lady, Senator and Secretary of State has run for Prez more than once. In 2016, she won the popular vote. Against Donald Trump.

We can assume that Ms. Clinton’s popularity hasn’t diminished since her loss, just as we know that Donald Trump’s has.

If Donnie gets the nod, Hillary will have his balls for breakfast.

Forget her past transgressions, Machiavellian manipulations and outright lies (e.g., obstructing justice by destroying subpoenaed emails and ‘phones). Her negatives are baked-in; the mainstream media clearly doesn’t give a shit.

Equally, Hillary Clinton has the full faith and credit of freedom-hating billionaires who pay big bucks to play footsie with the feds. She’d raise enough money to run for President in a New York minute.

As for Ms. Clinton’s pitch, same as it ever was: experience and a promise to make the world the nation a greener and more equitable place. For obvious reasons, even before she opens her mouth, Ms. Clinton has a lock on mission critical female voters.

For Hillary to win the 2024 presidency in a landslide, all she needs is for Donald Trump to run and stay out of pantsuits (her not, Donny). And yes, the Democratic Party can substitute a candidate for president, as per Article 2 of the Democratic Party's bylaws. Like this…

If Biden bows out, the chairperson of the Democratic National Committee (DNC) will call a special meeting. The National Chairperson, five Vice Chairpersons, the National Finance Chair, Treasurer and the Secretary select a new nominee for president, whose nomination is then put to a Party vote.

It’s been done before. In 1972, the Dems substituted a candidate for their vice presidential nominee, Thomas Eagleton. Senator Eagleton withdrew following revelations about his… wait for it… mental health.

How would Ms. Clinton do against DeSantis or another non-Trump candidate? Just fine, thanks.

If the presidency is anything more than a popularity contest – and there’s precious little evidence to suggest otherwise – it’s about the economy. A kindler, gentler (read: older) Hillary Clinton can spin the beJesus out of that one. She didn’t cause inflation.

Back in September 22, Ms. Clinton told CBS Evening News she would never run for president again. If a week is a long time in politics, a year is an eternity.

Look for Ms. Clinton to overcome her promise by saying, “This wasn’t my idea” and “I can’t stand back and let my country be run by someone who doesn’t respect our democracy and the rule of law and doesn’t uphold our institutions.”

The fact that you’re not hearing a Hillary Clinton for President clarion call from anyone other than an unknown blogger means nothing. Hillary’s Biden her time. Meanwhile, Republicans are wise to consider the British adage “it’s the bus you don’t see that kills you.”

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