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  • Robert Farago

I'm Stacked!

What a long strange trip it's been....

I don’t think too many writers can claim 12 years as a professional hypnotist, ten years as a blogger and three years as a novelist. I’m fairly certain Chat GPT can’t. I have no idea whether or not my life experience - including stints as a reserve police officer, ice cream scooper, long distance motorcyclist and Antarctic explorer - makes me a better writer than AI. If so, it’s only a matter of time before it don’t. See what I did there?

What I’m doing here: puddle of consciousness prose for people interested in a variety of unrelated topics with nothing much in common save this scribe’s skewed perspective on life, the universe and everything. A literary farrago, if you will. I hope you do.

As self-indulgent as this Substack seems, I never write for myself. Unless it’s porn. Otherwise, I write to be read. My fingers tapdance on this keyboard for readers’ dining and dancing pleasure, however elusive or illusory they may be. To that end, I’ll ply you with articles written for’s Certified Human crusade, excerpts from my John Canali series novels and commentary on whatever else fires-up my ancient synapsis.

I expect this stack to be interactive. The program sends me text alerts anytime anyone does anything even vaguely related to this stack, or Jack Baruth’s Avoidable Contact Forever (upon which I comment with admirable infrequency). If you have a comment, question of suggestion, lay it on me. I will respond. Probably not in the way you’d expect or indeed like, but that’s the fun of it. Amirite?

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