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Privacy Policy

A legal disclaimer- because we have to.

The content and stories on this page are purely journalistic in nature, coming from the perspectives of the respective authors. They do not in any way intend to harm, offend, attack, trigger or otherwise "stress you out". They're words, and that is all.

Privacy Policy - the basics 

Having said that, this website does track certain things, in order to best educate us on who (that would be you) is reading our content. This site tracks basic data such as time on the site, whether you're a returning reader or are visiting for the first time. 

If you sign up for our newsletter, or to be notified when new stories go up, then we will also be keeping track of your name and email address.

Additionally, as we do generate ad space, our affiliates might also have access to some of this data if you click on their site to navigate away from The Truth About Everything.

That's all the legal stuff we want to write about for a long time, so enjoy the site and happy reading!

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