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Donald Trump Explained

Hypnotizability is the key

According to the Brits, “it’s the bus you don’t see that kills you.” True! But why don’t you see it? Busses are pretty big. Not getting hit by a bus sits somewhere near the top of Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. And yet…

In 2019, 11 pedestrians popped their clogs in The Big Smoke (got run over in London). It’s not known how many were from outside The Land of Hope and Glory (where people drive on the left-hand side of the road) or, more to the point, didn’t see it coming. But some.

The reason they became road kill is simple: they weren’t paying attention. They were distracted. Lost in thought. In a trance? I’d take a punt on that (bet that it’s true).

What is Trance?

A trance is a naturally occurring mental state characterized by hyper-focus, to the point where it excludes external stimuli, including the passage of time.

The deeper the trance, the greater the exclusion. Traffic? Yup.

The Advantages of Being Hypnotic

The trance state enables insanely great abilities. It’s how a concert pianist “knows” which notes to play. How a singer – or an audience – gets lost in a song.

The trance state isn’t just an artist’s best friend. A fighter pilot on a mission who can’t get “in the zone” – trance – risks mission failure. A professional basketball player in the same situation is going to have a bad night.

Not everyone is hypnotic. If everyone was, there wouldn’t be enough rational people organizing the world to make shit work. There wouldn’t be any accountants.

The Disadvantages of Being Hypnotic

The trance state isn’t always a bowl of cherries.

Triggered by an external stimuli, a PTSD sufferer’s trance state can be a living hell. They experience an intense fight, flight or freeze response. Debilitating doesn’t begin to cover it.

Stage hypnotists claim all their subjects are willing participants. Do all of them they really want to make fools of themselves in front of people? I don’t think so.

The more hypnotic you are, the more “open to suggestion” you are. The more easily you can be manipulated by hypnotic techniques, some of which aren’t so obvious, Mr. Bond.

Donald Trump Explained (Finally)

If you’re wondering how someone could support Donald Trump despite… whatever, don’t forget that tens of millions of people watched The Apprentice TV show hundreds of times, over years.

They sat in front of the TV, without major distractions, popped a beer and focused on the cleverly constructed, repetitive narrative.

Trump was scripted, edited, even lit to look like, to be Old Testament God. The judge who flew in to pass final judgement on mortal men and women.

Over time, and not much of it, the audience bought what Donald Trump was selling (i.e. Donald Trump). On the subconscious level.

Once viewers’ subconscious mind accepted Donald Trump as the smartest guy in the room/country/world, even his most inane utterance was either uncritically accepted or… Nope. That’s it.

If you don’t believe me and haven’t seen The Apprentice, watch the show (once). Suspend your disbelief and cynicism (once).

As you do, don’t make the mistake of thinking that the only people hypnotized by Trump were stupid and weak-willed, although many are.

Never Trumpers Explained

Plenty of intelligent people are highly hypnotic. They are just as susceptible to hypnotic techniques as supposed “deplorables.”

High IQ “knee-jerk” Trump haters’ beliefs, for example, may also be the result of hypnotic suggestions experienced during a trance state.

Highly hypnotic intellectuals can enter a trance state during a passionate dinner conversation, attending a compelling university lecture, reading a convincing book or watching MSNBC.

The end result is the same: an idée fixe. An “unshakeable” belief lodged in their subconscious mind: Donald Trump is a dictator in wolf’s clothes (or something like that). A President who did nothing positive for anyone, ever.

Never Trumpers’ abject, often angry refusal to consider any argument contradicting any part of their Orange Man opposition reveals the depth of their hypnotic “programming.”

Trump is an evil dictator. It’s the same idée fixe as I’ll never lose weight, stop smoking or find love. Or… I’m open-minded. The best driver. A wonderful father. Despite any evidence to the contrary.

Resistance is Futile!

Bottom line: if you go into trance on a regular basis, you can be hypnotized to believe almost anything. Hypnotized again, if you think about it. And you should think about it.

If you’re not highly hypnotic, you’re not off the hook. It’s entirely possible to hypnotize someone who isn’t naturally hypnotic. Just kick the teeth out their conscious mind (metaphorically speaking). This you do by…

Starving them. Depriving them of sleep. Eliminating external stimuli (i.e., isolation). Over-stimulating them. Drugging them. Threatening them, or convincing them they’re threatened (politically, spiritually, culturally, economically, etc.). “Love bombing.”

Hypnosis is not safe!

These techniques, often used in combination, are commonly known as “brainwashing.” It’s how cult member are made. Marines too.

The thing to keep in mind: anyone can be “brainwashed.” It’s just a question of time and technique.

That said, people who are highly hypnotic require less brainwashing than others. If you’re highly hypnotic (and even if you’re not), beware of brainwashing cults masquerading as something benign, be it a Sociology class or a Scientology personality test.

Cults are everywhere because they work. Not for the subject, ultimately. For the cult. That may not even know they’re a cult. They’re just “doing good things for people.” Often, the Lord’s work.

On the positive side…

A highly hypnotic person working with a trustworthy, ethical hypnotist can eliminate bad habits, create good habits, remove phobias and trauma. Anything.

But yes, you can be hypnotized against your will. It’s the hypnotist you don’t see that can kill you. Be it Donald Trump or anyone else.

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