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  • Robert Farago

Hamas' Hostage Ploy Revealed

It won’t work

Hamas convinced the world that Israel bombed a hospital in occupied Gaza and killed 500 innocent people. Triggering protests and international hand-wringing.

As you know – and millions of terrorist sympathizers don’t know or don’t want to know – a Hamas rocket failed and caused a relatively minor explosion in a hospital parking lot.

Hamas slaughters over 260 festival goers, massacres babies and children, rapes teenage girls, kidnaps hundreds of civilians and launches thousands of unguided missiles at Israeli civilians and calls Israelis genocidal aggressors.

There is only one reason anyone with a shred of humanity would buy into such an obvious lie: blind hate.

Make that two reasons: blind hatred and willful ignorance. The belief that there’s a peaceful solution to Israel’s declared war, and that Hamas would accept it, because Hamas is the Palestinian people’s champion.

News flash: there isn’t, they won’t and they aren’t.

All They Are Saying Is Give Peace a Chance

Nonetheless, Hamas is expert at manipulating spineless world leaders and their useful idiots (a.k.a, the press). Influencers happy to play bothsideism – with their thumb firmly on the scale for Hamas.

For Hamas, winning the war isn’t about crushing the IDF. It’s about stoking the fires of hatred upon which their existence depends. If “martyrdom” at the hands of the “Jewish filth” is the end result, it’s still mission accomplished.

Meanwhile, by releasing two hostages - out of more than 200 - Hamas is showing the world that they’re rational actors.

Pay no attention to the Geneva Convention behind that curtain! We’re not terrorists run amok. We’re defenders of the colonized Palestinian people acting in self-defense.

We took hostages to prevent Israeli’s imperialist armed forces from invading! And look! It’s working!

How anyone could believe such a twisted supposition after Hamas’ barbaric crimes against humanity – proudly posted online – is both astounding and astoundingly revealing (of the aforementioned blind hatred).

Future-Proof Propaganda

Hamas’ hostage release also future-proofs their propaganda.

It positions the death of innocent hostages during IDF rescue attempts as Israel’s fault. If only the heartless, bloodthirsty, genocidal Jews had negotiated!

Is the Biden administration complicit in this evil strategy? The President’s recent visit to Israel says yes.

Nothing says “hold on a minute there fellas” more than the President of the United States dropping into the middle of a war zone. Which, I remind you, is the entire state of Israel.

The Prez counts securing humanitarian aid for civilians in occupied Palestine as a major success.

What does this new aid to Gaza buy? Time for Hamas to ready themselves for an Israeli “incursion,” and continuation of Hamas’ deadly disinformation campaign.

Raid on Entebbe Redux?

The Israelis are independent and clever enough to attack when they want to – outside political pressure be damned.

The President’s visit must have served their needs on a strategic level. Equally, I’m sure it did nothing to diminish Israel’s determination to destroy an enemy without a shred of honor or basic human decency.

If Hamas thinks they’re stymying Israel by playing the hostage release card, good. I reckon it buys the IDF time to gather intelligence, formulate a plan of attack, practice the attack and then, when the time is right, implement it.

Has Hamas forgotten about the Israelis’ raid on Entebbe, rescuing 102 out of 106 hostages from Uganda? That took time to put together, too.

Believe Your Own Hype!

I recently heard a commentator claiming the IDF doesn’t have the skills to win this war. That most of its reservists are badly-trained and lack the motivation needed to face the carnage of urban warfare.

I hope Hamas shares that opinion. I hope they think winning the propaganda war puts them ahead of the game. Just as I hope the IDF and American spec ops teams rescue all the hostages. Knowing they won’t.

As we await that tragic news, I ask one thing of my countrymen screaming “free Palestine” and vilifying Israel: denounce Hamas. Otherwise, you are hostages. To the hate in your heart.


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