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  • Robert Farago

Hamas Hospital - Ground Zero For Anti-Israeli Animus

Patients are dying in the Al-Shifa hospital complex in Gaza. Men, women, children and babies. The conditions in Gaza’s largest hospital are dire. Four days ago, the hospital ran out of fuel to power medical equipment. Yeah, about that fuel…

The IDF placed 300 liters of fuel 1000 feet from the hospital. On Sunday, Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu revealed "they refused it” because…

Hamas is hiding in the hospitals and placing itself there, doesn't want the fuel for the hospital ... they want to get fuel that they'll take from the hospitals to their tunnels, to their war machine.

Specifically, Hamas needs the fuel to power the ventilation for their extensive tunnel network, running underneath huge sections of Gaza. Under the Al-Shifa hospital?

Israel maintains that the hospital complex sits atop a major Hamas command and control center, where the terrorist group may be hiding hostages.

It’s an entirely credible assertion. Yesterday, the IDF secured a Hamas hideout under the Rantisi children’s hospital in Gaza. According to the IDF...

“Underneath the hospital, in the basement, we found a Hamas command and control center, suicide-bomb vests, grenades, AK-47 assault rifles, explosive devices, RPGs, and other weapons, computers, money, etc.”

As well as evidence that Hamas was keeping hostages in their underground lair.

Hamas’ “human shield” strategy – positioning rockets, military equipment and “fighters” beneath, besides and within schools, beaches (above), apartments, mosques and hospitals – is an established fact.

The Israelis would like nothing better than to evacuate the hospital, provide medical care to patients and proceed with their military campaign and hostage rescue efforts, unhindered.

They’ve successfully evacuated 100 patients so far (including babies) and called for the hospital to surrender to enable medical care. This from a military opposing a force that beheaded Israeli babies.

Hamas’ leaders can think of nothing worse that abandoning Al-Shifa hospital. Not only do the hospitals’ patients protect their underground redoubt from an IDF assault, Palestinian babies dying while under siege is propaganda gold.

Which is why Hamas countered the fuel offer’s positive PR by telling the world “it’s only a few hours’ worth.” And prevented hospital staff from recovering even that.

Question: is Hamas winning the propaganda war with their half-truths and unverifiable statistics?

On one hand, yes.

Hundreds of thousands of “Palestinian protesters” have flooded the streets around the world, chanting “from the river to the sea.” That’s got to warm the hearts of a terrorist organization dedicated to establishing a world-wide Islamic caliphate.

Western countries’ hand-wringing – calling for a “humanitarian pause” in Israel’s eradication campaign – is another victory for Hamas. It makes Israel seem like the “colonial settler” aggressor it isn’t.

At the same time, the international mainstream media’s operating on an underlying assumption: two wrongs don’t make a right!

The idea that there’s a moral equivalence between a heinous terrorist attack on families in their homes and festival-goers, and collateral damage in a declared war (complete with “safety corridors”) plays right into Hamas’ blood-covered hands.

On the other hand, Hamas’ inhuman massacre and its civilian-sacrificing “defense” has brought attention to the terrorists’ existence and their true nature.

The MSM isn’t consistently confronting the gen pop with Hamas’ “track record”or their utter disdain for human rights, both inside and outside Gaza.

Thankfully, social media has more than taken up the slack.

TikTok and YourTube are replete with videos exposing the region’s historical record (e.g., Israel’s attempts to establish peace with its neighbors) and Hamas’ brutality and intolerance towards its own people. Jews, too.

Never mind the Jews (for a moment). Hamas’ murderous suppression of LGBTQ+ individuals, its sexist treatment of women, its impoverishment of its own people, its crimes against humanity, its genocidal ambitions – all front and center.

Has the Israeli war woken the woke to Hamas and Islamic extremism? Maybe not. But sensible Americans who knew nothing of the danger now know a great deal.

In the main, they don’t like it one little bit. I’d go so far as to say America’s so-called silent majority supports Israel in their war against terror, regardless of the context-free information they receive.

Hamas has scored another own goal by outing anti-semites flying beneath the radar - until now. Universities in particular have been exposed as hotbeds of anti-semitic radicalism masquerading as intellectual rigor.

Donors are withdrawing their support. College plans are being changed. More generally, we’re seeing an increasingly vociferous and determined backlash against anti-American values in the hallowed halls of higher education.

Hamas has also triggered new, more pressing concerns about our open border and legal immigration policies.

Called Islamaphobia in some corners, there’s a growing realization that Western nations are welcoming immigrants whose allegiance lies elsewhere..

I’m sure the prospect doesn’t keep Hamas up at night. Creating a violent cultural conflict with Western values is their raison d’etre.

But the sudden awareness of the enemy (yes, enemy) in our midst stiffens Americans’ resolve to confront radical Islam. Hamas, Hezbollah, Houthis and, most importantly, their Iranian paymasters and armament providers.

As for Israel, they’re fighting the PR war in a way that Americans never experienced during our invasion of Afghanistan. Israel is giving journalists unprecedented access to their careful-as-possible campaign to secure their future.

Effective or not, it’s a secondary campaign. The Holocaust taught Jews that they can never depend on the kindness of strangers. Even America. No doubt the Israeli military has what they need to finish the job in Gaza.

That said, the Israelis are guilty of putting peace on a pedestal and letting their guard down. Sound familiar? Israel’s awakening to the necessity of directly confronting Islamic evil where it lives is our awakening, too.

Should Islamic terrorists strike inside America, again, there will be hell to pay.

The deployment of not one but two aircraft carrier groups into the region (each equipped with 65 to 70 aircraft and hundreds of missiles and Marines) is proof positive that America has the wherewithal to make Islamic extremists pay the price for an attack. And/or defend Israel if needs be.

Hamas Et al. welcome any such “conflict,” of course. It would hearten their heartless supporters. Create radicalizing propaganda. More death and destruction of civilians and civilian infrastructure, leading to untold suffering for “their people”? Not two shits do they give. Obviously.

Good people feel for the Palestinians trapped in a hospital filled with wounded and dying men, women, children and babies. Hamas does not.

And that, dear reader, is the difference between them and us.

Whatever we and/or the Israelis do about it may determine the PR battle, but it should never diminish our resolve to fight for life - and freedom - wherever we can. And sometimes where we can’t.


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