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Hunter Biden Is Joe Biden's Son

I said it before, I'll say it again: there's no way Hunter Biden should've gone to trial on federal gun charges. It was an open-and-shut case. There was only one way he was going to walk out of that courtroom without a guilty verdict: jury nullification.

In other words, one or more juror had to say, yeah he's guilty, but so what? Let the poor bastard walk. Based on sympathy, I suppose.

A result that wasn't entirely out of the question; at least two jurors were gun owners who lost relatives to drug addiction. Yes but... the Biden family screwed that one up.

First, by making sure the press got pics of Hunter flying on Air Force One before the trial. Then, by the First Son attending the proceedings with a full secret service contingent in tow. Then, most inadvisably of all, having his step-mother, First Lady Dr. Jill Biden, attend the trial, dressed to the nines.

This was not the way to convince the jury that Hunter Biden's a remorseful victim of his addiction. Rather than, say, a man whose powerful family ensured that he's never been held fully responsible for his any of his extra-legal cocaine and alcohol-fueled actions.

A man with a father who, at the very least, "allowed" his son to use Dad's political connections to line his pockets (Hunter's anyway). A sleazy business that "earned" Hunter Biden millions of dollars, that he spent on his epic, decades-long crack, booze and hooker habit.

The fact that Hunter Biden was contesting the charges in the first place placed him deep in his own end zone. He had only one shot at jury nullification: taking the witness stand. And say...

I'm sorry! I know it was wrong, but I didn't know at the time. Because I was completely fucked-up. I have to take the Fifth on the bag of coke they found in the White House, but I’m not that guy anymore.

That might have worked if it was true. Provided Hunter's high-priced lawyer (another mistake) didn't try to spin clear documentary evidence that his client was scoring crack immediately before and after the gun purchase. No suggestion that Hunter was going to 7-11 to get a donut, for example.

Any such jury-nullifying testimony would’ve also required a completely believable heart-tugging, tear-jerking display of genuine, honest-to-God contrition. Or an Oscar-worthy performance of same.

That's not Hunter Biden. As my review of his book Beautiful Things pointed out, he hasn’t come clean in any real sense of the term.

His tell-all didn't tell-all. While it delved into his addiction, it skated right over his "consulting" work abroad. It doesn't mention his daughter by adult entertainer Lunden Roberts by name. .

"I had no recollection of our encounter," Hunter wrote. "That's how little connection I had with anyone. I was a mess, but a mess I've taken responsibility for."

Like flying in his sugar brother's private jet to Arkansas to ask the judge to reduce child support payments? Like never having seen Navy in the flesh, to this day?

Now that Hunter Biden's been found guilty of three felony charges, basically, nothing will change.

If he or anyone in the Biden Administration has half a brain (not a sure thing), Hunter Biden will plead guilty to nine slam-dunk tax evasion charges.

That’s the only way he can evade open court disclosure of his pay-for-paternal-access business dealings with bad, bad people. Testimony that would put his father in a bad, bad light.

Hunter Biden will be sentenced to some – not much – jail time. Joe Biden has publicly and repeatedly declared that he will not pardon his son if he's sentenced to prison (his son that is).

A commutation – the get-out-of-jail-free-but-still-a-felon card – is on the table. That's what will happen.

And once again, at the tender age of 54, Hunter Biden will not pay the full price for his addiction. But America will.

I'm not talking about Americans being forced to face the fallacy of the old saw "no one is above the law." I'm talking about Joe Biden refusing to withdraw from the Presidential race, despite his increasingly obvious dementia.

If Joe Biden knows one thing (also not a given), it's this: he can't commute his son's sentence once he (the President) leaves office. Hence hanging on. Then again...

When Joe Biden's wife and daughter were killed in a car accident, his two boys hospitalized from the crash, he put politics before family.

The then-Senator left Hunter and Beau's daily care to his sister Valerie and, latterly, his brother James. Visiting them on weekends. Sometimes.

Worse, when the boys reached adulthood, Joe Biden focused all his attention on Hunter's brother Beau. Hunter’s book clearly reveals that his father’s bias scarred him for life.

I'd like to think that Joe Biden's clinging to the presidency to rescue Hunter, not because the President is a selfish or deluded or selfishly deluded old man who can't let go of the reins of power and privilege.

Either way, wrong answer.

If Hunter Biden has any shot any recovery – and I mean any – he needs to do some jail time. By the same token, a mentally and physically incapacitated President Biden is a danger to the entire world.

There's no getting around it for Hunter, Joe or the country that elected their last president: as you reap, so shall you sow. Eventually and inevitably.

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Jun 16

Nobody cares about the gun or tax charges. It's a limited hangout to distract from the influence peddling racket that he was running for his father.

Jun 16
Replying to

True story. But I don't think that Biden was running the racket for "the big guy." Joe was letting him run it for himself and other family members.


Jun 15

The massive corruption of the Biden regime is such a direct contrast to Harry Truman, or perhaps any other president. My father-in-law worked under Truman, and they literally actively worked to root out any corruption or any possible appearance of conflict of interest.

Jun 16
Replying to

I dunno Seem like Joe ascribes to Harry's dictum "the buck stops here." If you know what I mean.


Jun 15

Well written, and a nice change of viewpoint from the sources I usually read.

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