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Is Joe Biden Fit to Be President?

“When I was vice president, things were kind of bad during the Pandemic and what happened was, Barack said to me, ‘Go to Detroit! Help fix it.'"

Do you remember what you were doing during the Pandemic? Of course you do. If you'd been Vice President at that time, you wouldn't have forgotten that.

An experience which might have required you to travel to Detroit at the President's behest, to assist in Motown's efforts to cope with COVID. Which you would remember. Not imagine or lie about.

But you weren't Vice President during the Pandemic. And neither was Joe Biden; he'd been out of office for three years. And now he's out of his mind.

The President of the United States Has Dementia

To those who's seen a loved one succumbed to the ravages of dementia, I apologize for using that term. The gradual loss of mental acuity is a terrible curse for all concerned. But it's time to speak plainly about the current President of the United States. He has dementia.

No, I'm not a medical expert. But I know the score when it comes to rapid and ongoing cognitive decline. As does anyone who compares present day Joe to the Biden of even five years ago. Or someone who knows someone in their 80's or above who's still "sharp as a tack."

Let's be clear: this was not the first or even the most important time the President was confused about his tenure as VP. The Hur Report into Biden's mishandling of classified documents revealed that Joe couldn't remember when he'd served as vice president.

Poor memory or dementia? While everyone forgets things on occasion, the President's slowed speech, hesitant gate, memory lapses and blatantly inaccurate assertions are becoming more frequent and fanciful.

Whatever you call it, Biden's speech, mental and physical difficulties are more severe than the normal process of aging.

Mainstream Media Cover Running

You're forgiven if you dispute the diagnosis as a conservative conspiracy or push it the back of you mind as a minor concern.

The mainstream media continues to call the President's stream of cognitive misfires "gaffes," no matter how bizarre (e.g., cannibals ate his uncle). It refrains from showing his physical degradation (i.e., his shuffling gate and the aides flanking him on his walk to Marine 1).

Biden's cheerleaders/apologists hide his increasingly obvious dementia in a miasma of camouflaging context and Trumpian whataboutism (e.g., Verbal gaffe or sign of trouble? Mixing up names like Biden and Trump have done is pretty common, Biden-Trump Gaffe Tracker).

It ain't just the left running cover for President Biden. Today's New York Post's headline: Biden bizarrely suggests he was VP during pandemic in latest blunder.

What Could Possibly Go Wrong?

There is nothing "bizarre" about an 81-year-old dementia sufferer being confused about what he was doing when. Or "remembering" events that never happened.

What's bizarre: the press isn't raising the alarming possibility that our Commander-in-Chief is suffering from other symptoms.

Here's a partial list of dementia symptoms from The Mayo Clinic:

  • Problems with reasoning or problem-solving.

  • Trouble performing complex tasks.

  • Trouble with planning and organizing.

  • Confusion and disorientation.

  • Depression.

  • Anxiety.

  • Agitation.

  • Inappropriate behavior.

  • Being suspicious, known as paranoia.

  • Hallucinations.

Not to put too fine a point on it, is that a list of mental "challenges" the man with access to the nuclear football should face?

Reductio ad absurdum or a genuine concern for the future of the entire human race? We report, you deride.

Whose Presidency Is It Anyway?

If not you, someone should.

Latter day Woodward and Bernstein-types should be digging into the Biden Administration to find out the President's "true" mental state. Whether or not Joe Biden is exhibiting any or all of the symptoms listed above.

Even if you call presidential dementia a possibility rather than a certainty, reporters should be investigating All the President's Men to see how Executive decisions are made. Is Joe Biden – elected to usher-in unrealized bipartisanship – in charge?

When the President told the press corps (more than once) that he can't answer questions or he'll "get in trouble," to whom is he deferring?

Presidential Debate

The word on the street: the President's June debate was scheduled earlier than any previous debate to see if Joe Biden can keep it together long enough to convince voters that he's Compos mentis.

Before the Democratic Party convention. So President Biden can be replaced if he screws the proverbial pooch.

[The last open convention was held 1952. Four candidates traveled to Chicago to vie for the Democratic Party's nomination. Illinois Governor Adlai Stevenson got the nod, defeated by Republican Dwight D. Eisenhower.]

President Biden's State of the Union angry old man harangue gives his enablers hope that enough rest and, presumably, drugs can stop the public from making a first-hand dementia diagnosis.

Whether or not that occurs, regardless of what you think of Donald Trump, even the publicly available evidence is compelling enough: President Biden isn't mentally or physically fit to be the leader of the free world for another four years.

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20 may

Even Dems are beating the drums now...

How can Biden save America from Trump's return to the White House? Drop out of the race.

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