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Is May - December OK?

Crystal Hefner says no. Now.

Crystal Hefner says life with Hugh Hefner was no fantasy. “Having to sleep with an 80-year-old, there’s a price,” she told Yeah there is. So…

Is Crystal Hefner a victim?

The title tells us the author fancies herself a #metoo poster child. An agenda she confirmed in a previous Post interview.

Crystal Hefner ‘deprogrammed’ after life with Hugh at ‘toxic’ Playboy mansion doesn’t delve into Mrs. Hefner’s therapy, but regrets? She’s had a few.

In the recent A&E docu-series “Secrets of Playboy,” Karissa compared sex with Hefner to rape and said she had an abortion after becoming pregnant by him at age 19… “I wrote something on my Instagram today [3.2m followers and counting] that said I have evolved from naively contributing to misogynistic culture to advocating against it,” Crystal added.

The fact that Crystal Harris married Hugh Hefner two years after her impregnation and stayed married to him for ten years (until his death at 91) indicates a slow evolution.

As opposed to a fast transition for a fast buck and renewed public adulation.

Media Me Too

These days, you’re not going to hear interviewers suggest that the then-21-year-old Playmate made an informed decision to tie the knot with the then-81-year-old millionaire. A decision for which she’s solely responsible.

The press are happy to help Crystal vilify Hef as a predator in a patriarchal system perpetuating an unconscionable “power imbalance” between men and women.

This despite the publisher’s liberal credentials and his key role in the so-called sexual revolution.

Never mind. The mainstream media’s anti-misogyny simps and pimps need a villain. Hugh Hefner is as good as any.

Better than most, as his widow is attractive and articulate and her famous husband’s way too dead to defend himself.

May - December Explained

When a female looks for a mate, she has a natural desire to choose a man who can provide for her and a future family. Young men are an unproven quantity. An older man who’s made his fortune is a safe bet.

If the older man is as rich and/or famous as High Hefner, she’s buying into a luxury lifestyle. Expensive clothes. Cars. Mansions. Yachts. Gourmet meals. Private air travel. Financial security.

Attention? Respect? Sure! Love? Yeah about that…

“It was very, very fast. I think he had a lot of experience with just moving people in right away,” Crystal told The Post. “The ‘I love yous’ started pretty quick. “I’ve learned all about love bombing since then.”… She got candid with People before the tell-all’s publication and admitted that she was never actually “in love” with her late husband.

If she was never “in love” with the Playboy playboy, why did Crystal Harris marry Hugh Hefner?

For all the benefits listed above, knowing full well what would be required in exchange. Unless…

Hugh Hefner Cult Leader?

Crystal’s thinly-veiled accusation – that Hugh Hefner groomed her (“moved her in the right way”) – is not without reason.

A solid case can be made that Hugh Hefner was a cult-leader, controlling the lives of his hand-picked coterie of concubines.

So you can’t discount the possibility that the twenty-something future Mrs. Hefner was “brainwashed” into cohabitation.

Mrs. Hefner playing the sexist society card doesn’t completely undermine the cult leader narrative, but I reckon it unfairly targets and tarnishes the May - December dynamic.

May - December may be wrong on the political or even moral level, but it is natural. Ask Disney; it’s a tale as old as time.

To call the relationship between Crystal Hefner and Hugh Hefner a toxic reflection of misogynistic culture avoids the fact that both of them were responsible for their choices.

One more than the other? Most definitely. And that’s all I have to say on the subject. Except this…

When a rich older man marries a much younger woman and kicks the bucket, he leaves his widow with enough money to provide for any children and continue the lifestyle to which she’s become accustomed.

And then she can marry the pool boy. How great is that?

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