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  • Robert Farago

Is This Even America?

Why anyone in their right mind would vote for Donald Trump

You’re a Lieutenant Colonel in the U.S. Army returning from overseas deployment. You’re checking-up on your $500k investment: an upmarket crib you put on the market months previous. You open the door and…

There’s a strange man sitting on the couch watching TV. “Who are you?” you ask. “Who are you?” the uninvited occupant replies.

“This is my house,” you inform the interloper. “I live here now,” the nonplussed squatter asserts.

The logical response: I’m going to count to three… followed by a judicious application of force.

But you’re in the Army now (you’re not behind a plow). You don’t want the potential career damage that could come from kicking a civilian’s ass.

So you call the cops to remove the squatter. Charge him with breaking and entering and criminal trespass. That sort of thing.

Nope. The cops say their hands are tied. “It’s a civil matter.”

Silence! Squatters Have the Right to Remain!

True story. Lt Col. Dahlia Daure was forced to confront the fact that removing a squatter from her property in The Peach Tree State isn’t as easy as dialing 911. tells the Kafkaesque tale…

If there is a squatter already living in your Georgia real estate property, then you must begin the legal principle of a formal eviction process. This means serving the tenant with an eviction notice to leave the property. Georgia doesn’t specify the time limits of this notice; the period can be anywhere from 24 hours to 10 days. If the squatter doesn’t move out after the expiry of the notice period, take the issue to court immediately and file a forceful detainer lawsuit. If your trial is successful, the court will direct the sheriff to conduct the eviction on your behalf.

Notice period? “Forceful” lawsuit? Trial? How long does all that take?

In Lt. Col. Duare’s case, 17 days. Not to mention the hassle and expense of alternative accommodation, legal fees and the cost of removing and disposing of the squatter’s possessions.

In fact, Colonel Daure’s experience was relatively fast and straightforward.

We Don’t Need No Stinkin’ Property Rights!

Over in South Fulton, four squatters occupied another suburban home and proceeded to run it as a strip club.

While the owner pursued legal remedy, the squatters staged street races and dealt drugs, guns and stolen credit cards.

Neighbors finally convinced the cops to act. SWAT cleared-out the “club” and rehoused its illegal “owners” in the rebar hotel.

Meanwhile, the New York Post reports squatters have taken over 1,200 homes in Atlanta.

Trump’s New Rallying Cry

If you want to know why anyone in their right mind would vote for Donald Trump, there you have it.

It’s the same reason people voted for Joe Biden back when Donald Trump’s presidency set everyone’s hair on fire: a return to “normalcy.”

Despite Democrats using the term MAGA Republican as a synonym for NAZI Storm Trooper, Trump’s new siren song is even more hot dogs, apple pie and Chevrolet.

“Make America Great Again” is now “Save America.” Unofficial translation: “Make America America again.”

Ain’t That America?

The country where property rights are inviolable, men can’t participate in women’s sports, the Southern border isn’t muslin porous and people who beat-up cops cool their heels in jail.

Where aspiring immigrants have to establish their moral character and prove they can stay off the government tit before they step one foot in The Home of the Brave.

Where equality means equality of opportunity, not outcome, regardless of race, color or creed. Where students graduate high school with basic math and english skills, maybe even knowing the meaning of the word “creed.”

Where colleges refuse to allow hatred in all its forms, especially of the country blessing them with academic freedom.

A country where military might cows foreign enemies and protects international trade. That immediately and decisively punishes those who hurt our troops or allies.

Where the federal government doesn’t try to sell censorship as “combatting misinformation.”

Where federal agencies stay in their lane, rather than persecuting political opponents. Or not prosecuting favored insiders and elites.

Yes, the U.S. economy has hit Joe and Jane and Them Q. Public where it hurts: groceries, gas, heating and electricity.

Yes, federal spending (by both parties) has made it impossible for millions of young people to get on the bottom rung of the housing ladder. Or anyone to swap houses without doubling their monthly mortgage payment.

But I reckon it’s the degradation of traditional American values that has motivated large swathes of the electorate to support a candidate whose personal life and intemperate fulminations fail to personify those values.

President Biden hasn’t addressed the issues bedeviling voters concerned about this “new” America.

Donald Trump hasn’t laid out policies for “correcting” the economy, border, federally funded education, the mind-boggling deficit, military readiness or any of the other issues listed above.

Which leaves us where?

Back for the Future

As horrific as it sounds, Donald Trump may get re-elected. As horrific as it sounds, Joe Biden may get re-elected (though it’s hard to believe he won’t be replaced before election day).

Either way, a quick and easy “return to normalcy” isn’t on the cards.

Progressives and their media cheerleaders won’t surrender their “forward leaning” agenda. They’ll continue to label anyone championing small “c” conservative values as stupid, racist, homophobic, fascist and God knows what else.

The average American is none of these things, regardless of party affiliation. They want to live peacefully in a country with people who share their simple values. If they view people who don’t share those values as squatters, are they wrong?


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