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  • Robert Farago

Never Again... Again?

The insanity of Israel's gun laws

As a Jew, I live by the words “never again.” It isn’t my response to two divorces or the prospect of paying retail. It’s not a political stance.

For me, “never again” is a personal commitment to protect myself and others from the anti-semitic homicidal savagery inflicted on my father and his family.

Me. Personally. This is the crucial difference between my “never again” and how so many other Jews use the term.

When Seconds Count the IDF is Only Hours Away

When Hamas attacked Israel, thousands of Jews were at the terrorists’ mercy (not that the terrorists had any). They were defenseless for hours before the IDF arrived.

There’s no question: the average Israeli had delegated the safety and security of themselves and their loves ones to the state. While I’m not victim-blaming, it was a fatal mistake.

I don’t live in a nation surrounded by countries who’ve publicly declared their intention to wipe Jews off the face of the Earth. And yet homicidal Jew haters call America home.

I don’t expect the police to protect me from murderous anti-semites. Nor do I expect Uncle Sam’s three-letter agencies or the U.S. military to protect me. And I don’t expect other Jews to protect me.

I’m thankful if they do. But when push comes to shove, if and when a Jew-killer manages to get up close and personal, there’s only one person I can rely on to protect me. Me.

Forearmed is forewarned

That’s why I carry a gun. That’s why any Jew with basic historical knowledge or even a modicum of common sense carries a firearm. Because murderous anti-semites don’t make appointments.

Why would they? Why wouldn’t Hamas find a way to break through Israel’s defensive barriers and evade or eliminate Israeli police and military to slaughter Jews? Why wouldn’t they launch a coordinated surprise attack?

How many times do Jews have to be killed in “surprise” attacks before they realize they, themselves need to be armed in their own defense?

Israel’s Gun Law Insanity

Despite manufacturing superb personal firearms – including a gun named Masada – less than two percent of Israelis are legally allowed to carry a firearm.

The nation’s firearms laws are irrational, irresponsible and delusional. Whatever harm would follow from say, zero licensing requirements, is nothing compared to the horrors exacted on unarmed Israelis in the last week.

Israel Loosens Strict Gun Control Laws To Arm ‘As Many Citizens As Possible’ reports. Finally?

Wait. Here’s the sub-head: “After horrific terrorist attacks by Hamas from Gaza, Israel’s government made it slightly easier for its citizens to own firearms for self-defense.“

The laws that require proving “a need” to own and carry a gun have not changed. However those eligible to apply for a license under the “self-defense test” can now do the required interview on the phone instead of in person… While a citizen can still purchase only one handgun, the limit on rounds of ammunition has been increased from 50 to 100.

You’d think proving a “need” for a self-defense firearm to the Israeli government would require one word: Hamas. Or three: Hamas and Hezbollah. Or four: I am a Jew.

We’ll see how many Israelis apply for a permit now that they’ve been attacked in their homes, and how many are given a government permission slip to defend themselves and their loved ones by force of arms.

One is None, Two is One

As for Israel’s ongoing “one handgun” and 100-round ammunition restriction, you don’t have to be military expert to know that “load-out” is a long way from ideal for countering/killing roving bands of trained terrorists.

But something is better than nothing, which is exactly what thousands of Israeli citizens had as they were being hunted, raped, beaten, tortured, kidnapped and killed. As babies were being burned and decapitated.

Meanwhile, I’m under no illusions about the likelihood of facing a Jew-killer here in Austin, or my combat ability should such an attack occur.

But to me, “never again” means one thing and one thing only: I will not go down without a fight. I owe at least that much to my father. And to myself.


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