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  • Robert Farago

"The Creator" is Anti-American Agitprop

For The People's Republic of China

The Creator is about a genocidal campaign against “East Asia.” An all-American anti-AI jihad murdering innocent men, women and children. Complete with enormous village-crushing tanks, clearly labeled “U.S. Army.”

Sure, most of the victims are AI robots and “simulants.” But some aren’t, especially terrified children (of course).

Hey! America! Leave those ‘bots alone! They’re nice robots. Loving. Self-sacrificing. Way more human than the American invaders, constantly referred to as “the Americans.”

Sigh. If you wanted to make a movie to gin-up anti-American sentiment in The People’s Republic of China, you could do no better than this. If you wanted to make a movie that would serve as a love letter to Hollywood’s former financiers, The Creator is it.

If you wanted a make a sci-fi movie that made sense, yeah, not this one. You’d have to be pretty stupid to accept The Creator’s plot.

AI nukes LA (and just LA). So America bans AI and launches its holy war against AI-tolerant East Asia. Oh wait! The nuke was an accident, thanks to bad code from… the Americans! D’oh!

The U.S. Military’s war against blameless AI-integrated East Asia is thoroughly implausible. The Americans depend on a Death Star. Sorry flying vagina. Sorry, hovering space ship. Named after Star Trek’s genocidal space probe (NOMAD).

So AI East Asia can make millions of robots but they can’t take out a low-flying computer-controlled super-weapon. Can’t jam the non-nuclear missiles raining down on then. Can’t use AI to fuck-up the Americans at home. Riiiiight.

The otherwise peaceful AI-plus-human villagers tending to their rice fields resort to fighting invading U.S. troops with rifles and pistols. Vietnam much?

SPOILER ALERT! America ends up 0 for 2. ‘Cause the Creator creates a Golden Child. Or the Golden Child is the Creator. Whatever. We’re talking about a peace-loving, never-been-done-before AI kid capable of destroying America’s flying vagina.

The key to understanding the point of all this mendacious movie-making misegos: the hollow-eared cutie’s line when asked if she/he/it wants something. “The robots to be free!” Positioning America as anti-freedom. How’s that for Chinese propaganda?

Anyway, these are not the droids AI naysayers are looking for. They are caring sharing emoting beings with free will – even the ones with a sauce pans and opaque fishbowls for a heads.

And wouldn’t you know it, humans love them right back! Well, our heroes do. Why wouldn’t they? What’s the alternative? Flesh-and-blood Americans are mindless killers without empathy or, for that matter, a viable military strategy.

The Creator puts us right back in “noble savage” territory (e.g., Dances With Wolves and Avatar), where white guys (in this case a black man) go native, transitioning from persecutor to liberator. Pauline Christianity writ large.

It’s no surprise, then, that the left-leaning, America-hating media loves them some Creator. “An effective interrogation of American imperiousness and imperialism,” pronounces. The Creator Is a Pro-A.I., Pro-Freedom, Anti-Imperialist Sci-Fi War Movie asserts.

Where’s a Terminator when you need one? An AI-powered killing machine to provide humans with a moral imperative to disabuse latter day Dr. Frankensteins?

The Creator reminds me of humanity’s ridiculous belief that aliens will treat us kindly, as exemplified by the “this way to Earth” map etched on Voyager, the first man-made object launched beyond our solar system.

Aliens are our friends. AI robots are our friends. Same difference.

Did Big Tech put its imprimatur on this what-me-worry project? If not, they should. I can easily imagine an invite to a free screening for politicians with Roosevelt’s “we have nothing to fear but fear itself” on the envelope.

As for the movie-ness of the movie, the acting is as over-wrought as you’d expect from a big budget Hollywood movie. The locations are stunning and the CGI as believable as the plot is offensive and silly.

There’s a bit of Apocalypse Now to The Creator and a whole lot of Star Wars goin’ on (the Director was responsible for/guilty of Rogue One). If The Creator had a scintilla of Blade Runner’s moral ambiguity, it might have been a worthwhile endeavor.

As it stands, The Creator is an affront to the good men and women who serve in the U.S. military, the most humane fighting force this world has ever seen (a low bar but there it is). Or anyone who understands that China poses the greatest threat to the world AI-wise. Hollywood-wise, too.

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