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Robert Farago's Full Hypnotic Script

Ellipses uber alles!

The following are the exact words I use to guide subjects into trance (post-induction). If you’re using this script, lean into the Mother voice and read it slowly. If your pace sounds slow to you, slow it down a bit more and you’re there. Will your subject be there? That’s a subject for another post.


Focus your mind on one thing… focus your mind on your breathing. Really feel yourself breathing… The gentle rising… and falling of your chest… Feel yourself breathing and control your breathing.

Make every breath like a wave. So that every breath in is a like a gentle, slow rolling wave. Rolling slowly and gently onto the shore… So that every breath out is like that same wave… slowly slipping back… into the sea.

Make your breathing like an endless series of gentle, slow-rolling waves… Rolling slowly and gently onto the shore… Then slipping back… into the sea.

You’re not going anywhere. You’re not doing anything. So you don’t need much air. Just gently breath in… and slowly let out… the perfect amount of air…The perfect amount of air… to relax

And as you relax your breathing, you will relax. Your muscles automatically let go… You may feel this as a certain pleasant heaviness… Your body feeling heavy… loose… limp… and relaxed. Heavy… loose… limp… and relaxed.

And as you relax your breathing, you may have some thoughts on your mind. Thoughts that have nothing to do with breathing or relaxing. And that’s fine…

I don’t want you to fight your thoughts. But even as you slow down your breathing and relax your body, slow down your thoughts… Just slow them down… Slow your them down… and… let… them… drift…

Slow all your thoughts down and let them drift…. Drift through your mind… Drift through your mind and away… Like beautiful clouds… clouds drifting… drifting through… a clear… blue… sky. Just drifting through your mind… and away….

20 second silent pause

Time is moving… very slowly. You have lots of time. Time to breathe easy. Time to relax… time to breath easy and… relax… Relaxing deeper and deeper with every… slow… easy… breath… out.

20 second silent pause

Now imagine you’re standing at the top of a staircase. Safe and wide. A staircase with just ten stairs down. Ten stairs down and away from every thing and every one. Down into deeper relaxation. Down into deep hypnosis…

I’m going to count down from ten. You take one step down… One step down, with each number down… So that by the time I reach the number one, and you reach the bottom of the stairs, you will be deeply relaxed… Deeply hypnotized… Your mind sensitive to every word I say.

Say each number at the conclusion of each out-breath

  1. Ten - breathing easy, relaxing deeply

  2. Nine - really letting go

  3. Eight

  4. Seven

  5. Six

  6. Five - there’s nothing

  7. Four -you to do

  8. Three

  9. Two

  10. One

Deeper and deeper… Deeper and deeper… calm… comfortable… and relaxed.

30 second pause

And now imagine a special place. The most beautiful and relaxing place that your can possibly imagine. It can be any place at all. Someplace you’ve been too before, or someplace entirely in your imagination. Choose one special place now… and imagine you’re there

So that everything you see is exactly what you would see there. And everything you see relaxes you deeper… Because it’s so beautiful

Everything you feel… whether it’s a warm sun, a cool breeze, soft sheets, everything you feel is exactly what you would feel there. And everything you feel… relaxes you… deeper.

Everything you hear is exactly what you would hear there. And everything you hear relaxes you deeper. Everything you see, touch, hear and smell… anything your taste… everything relaxes you deeper. Deeper and deeper and deeper down.

I’m going to remain silent for a little while. To you it will seem like a long time. I want you to use that time to take a little mental vacation… Enjoy all the peace, beauty and relaxation of your special place now.

Remain silent for one to two minutes

This is your natural state of deep relaxation. Anytime I say the word sleep and snap my fingers like this – sleep! – your eyes snap shut, and you go straight back to your special place. Deeper and deeper every time…

20 second pause

I’m going to say some words to you. You will hear every word I say. But you don’t have to listen to any word I say. All that’s important is the sound of my voice. Not the words I’m saying.

Because every word I say is sinking deep into your inner or subconscious mind. Changing the way you think… the way you feel… and the way you behave.

You can even pretend that my voice is coming from somewhere far away. And you know how it is when you’re someplace beautiful, and there’s a radio playing somewhere far away… Sometimes you listen to the words or music… Sometimes you don’t… Sometime the sound just drifts through your mind… and away.

Hypnotic test(s) and therapy goes here

In a moment’s time I’m going to count to five. On the number five you’ll open your eyes feeling refreshed and relaxed, like you’ve had a long peaceful sleep. You haven’t. You’ve just been listening to the sound of my voice.

  1. One - rising up like a beautiful bubble to the surface of the sea

  2. Two - mentally and physically balanced and perfect

  3. Three - You can remember to forget what you forget to remember if you remember to forget you forgot it.

  4. Four - more aware of your own body and the room around you and…

  5. Five - welcome back

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