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  • Robert Farago

The Truth About COVID

Time to face facts?

Remember COVID? Sure you do!

Lockdown. Fear. Panic. Shortages. Masks. Social distancing. Isolation. Loneliness. Empty streets, stores, churches, offices. Hospitals crowded with the dead and dying.

On the positive side…

The Pandemic’s temporal and social distortion opened a doorway to new, healthier habits. Created an unprecedented opportunity to bond with and educate children. Enabled blasting down Capitol of Texas Highway at 170mph without the threat of arrest.

Big Brother is Protecting You!

One of COVID’s more important side-effects: the gen pop woke up to the fact the government was in control of their lives.

For some, it was a feature, not a bug. In the face of an existential threat, who else could martial the enormous resources – financial and physical – needed to protect America from chaos and death?

Evil or not, COVID-related laws and regulations were necessary. Full stop.

Others saw COVID as a “never let a crisis to to waste” power grab by The Powers That Be.

They saw Americans stripped of their freedom to travel, congregate, run a business and control their own body.

A conspiracy resting on untrustworthy official explanation, sold to the public via a cadre of government-approved experts.

COVID Censorship

Those who viewed COVID regulations and restrictions with healthy skepticism were ignored, brushed aside and/or “de-platformed.”

Members of the scientific community who raised “uncomfortable” questions about COVID’s origins and the efficacy of government mandates were shut out and shut down. Their careers placed at risk.

In the main, the mainstream media (MSM) toed the government line. Those who dared question the official policies were stonewalled.

“Journalists were officially prohibited from communicating with anyone in the CDC and other federal agencies without the oversight of censors,” reported back in 2020.

To keep Big Tech in line, the Biden administration instituted soft censorship, secretly “advising” social media in the name of public safety. (A case currently before the Supreme Court.)

At the same time, the Biden Administration and its enablers wielded the word misinformation like a cudgel.

At best, the idea that China was responsible for the pandemic was ridiculed. At worst, its proponents were accused of racism, their livelihoods imperiled.

The Big Lie?

It’s easy to understand why the feds, virologists and the MSM suppressed “the Wuhan lab leak theory.”

Placing the blame on China for COVID was a clear and present danger to the global status quo, including the closerthanthis relationship between Chinese goods and American consumers.

If the world thought America was somehow responsible for the COVID outbreak, the realization would undermine the United States government in a profound, long-lasting, perhaps even cataclysmic way.

And so the wet market explanation continues today, despite increasing evidence that the Wuhan lab was responsible for a pandemic that knee-capped the world economy and killed more than seven million people. And counting.

For example, here’s the money shot from Chat GPT-4’s answer to the prompt “Was covid caused by a leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology?”

While there have been investigations and some claims about the possibility of a lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology, there is no definitive consensus or conclusive evidence that confirms this theory as the cause of the COVID-19 pandemic. The origins of COVID-19 remain a topic of ongoing research and debate.

The Truth About COVID’s Origins

On February 28th, The Wall Street Journal ran an article entitled Where Did Covid Come From? They published the piece as Opinion and Commentary (which shows just how toxic the lab leak theory remains to this day).

Opinion or not, former New York Times science editor Nicholas Wade’s evidence for man-made COVID is compelling. And Uncle Sam is in the frame.

In 2022 three biologists, Valentin Bruttel, Alex Washburne and Antonius VanDongen, guessed that if SARS-CoV-2 had been generated in a lab by a standard method, it would have been assembled from six sections of lab-synthesized DNA with the help of a biological agent called BsmBI. On analyzing the virus’s structure, they found evidence for the seams between sections and other distinctive marks of the assembly process… Background planning papers and drafts for the DEFUSE proposal called for assembling SARS-like viruses from six sections of DNA, and include a cost estimate for purchase of the BsmBI restriction enzyme — exactly as the three authors had inferred. This clearly strengthens, perhaps conclusively, their contention that the virus is synthetic. Richard H. Ebright, a molecular biologist at Rutgers University, says it raises “to the level of a smoking gun” the genetic evidence that the virus was manufactured.

Notice the soldiers in the DARPA’s DEFUSE doc’s cover page about to swarmed by viral bats? If you think the SARS virus “research” was all about biological warfare, you may be on to something.

In any case, if this is a smoking gun, who holds it? Not the United States. Well, not directly.

After DARPA turned down the DEFUSE proposal in February 2019, the researchers in Wuhan might have secured Chinese government funding and gone ahead by themselves. Viruses made according to the DEFUSE protocol could have been available by the time Covid-19 broke out, sometime between August and November 2019. This would account for the otherwise unexplained timing of the pandemic along with its place of origin.

Addressing the chance that the U.S. was complicit in the “theoretical” lab leak, tells us…

In 2014, the NIH awarded a <$600k> grant to the U.S.-based EcoHealth Alliance to study the risk of the future emergence of coronaviruses from bats. In 2019, the project was renewed for another five years, but it was canceled in April 2020 — three months after the first case of the coronavirus was confirmed in the U.S.

Escape from Wuhan

Assuming COVID was created in the Wuhan lab, how likely is it that the virus escaped? Likely enough that the United States has banned the lab from receiving funds for future experimentation.

Last year, a House of Representatives subcommittee unearthed a Department of Health and Human Services memo suspending the Wuhan Institute of Virology from participating in Federal procurement and non-procurement programs for the next ten years.

That gives us some insight into the safety of the Chinese lab’s protocols. Looking backwards, US officials raised alarms about safety issues in the Wuhan lab after visits and assessments in 2018.

The Bottom Line

Mr. Wade quietly and cautiously concludes – without saying it directly – that China’s American-funded experimentation with bat viruses in an insecure laboratory was responsible for the Pandemic.

One piece is missing from the puzzle—the identity of the parent viruses from which SARS-CoV-2 was derived. The Chinese authorities have rigorously suppressed all information about the viruses being kept in the Wuhan Institute of Virology. But the documentary and scientific evidence already assembled seems sufficient to understand the genesis of the pandemic that killed millions.

Just so you know, Wikipedia reports that “the majority consider very unlikely, unsupported by available evidence and bordering on speculation.”

Clean-Up on Aisle Three

What’s not subject to speculation: the Chinese government’s Servpro clean-up of the Wuhan lab’s materials, documentation and employees.

Also beyond reproach: the U.S. government’s reaction to the “lab leak theory” during the COVID pandemic, working assiduously not to say ruthlessly to prevent any public discussion of the possibility of Chinese origin.

The quote "In war, the first casualty is truth" is often attributed to Hiram Johnson, California’s first U.S. Senator. Little did he know that war isn’t the only time truth is sacrificed on the altar of public safety.



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