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The Truth About Everything – Under Construction

The truth about The Truth About Everything on Substack: it was a non-epic fail. Not in terms of content, of course. Over the last year or so, my daily posts kicked some metaphorical ass. In terms of finding an audience, it was gluteus minimus. As Albert Einstein never said...

Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is the definition of insanity. While I freely admit to various forms of mental illness, channeling them into my writing for your dancing and dining pleasure, I want to reach as broad an audience as possible. To that end my Stack didn't stack up.

And so, as Mr. Incredible's costume designer Edna Mole did say, "Here we are, darling, thousands of miles from care, millions of miles from worry, billions of miles from all our little problems."

Well, maybe you are. I'm up close and personal with care, worry and little problems. Not just because I'm genetically predisposed to think negatively, lest I get a middle-of-the-night invitation to a private-conversation in a discreet location. Also because of planning for my forthcoming year-long Ridiculously Random Motorcycle Tour.

I've got three weeks to whip this Wix website into shape: fix the 300+ posts brought over from Substack, refine the design and ramp-up SEO. I beg your forbearance as I do so. Any and all suggestions for improvement are most welcome. As are contributors. No relevant experience required.

Meanwhile, I'm once again learning the truth of the old adage "be careful what you wish for." For one thing, I never wished to end a sentence with a preposition. For another, I kvetched about my endlessly boring routine. Abra-ka-fucking-dabra! I've got a brand new "clean-up-on-aisles 1 to 300" routine with a looming deadline.

The heat is on. It's on the street. Which I'll be hitting June 1, come hell or high water. This being Austin, Texas, the first is guaranteed, the second a strong though randomly realized possibility. Meanwhile and in any case, watch this space. I promise to fill it with interesting, no holds barred content. And that's the truth about everything.

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