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The World's Most "Promiscuous" Country Revealed!

The World Population Review’s survey – Average Number of Sexual Partners by Country 2024 – reckons the country whose citizens can claim the highest number of sexual partners on average is…

Turkey! The average Turk has slept with 14.5 people. (It’s not known if the .5 refers to a small person.) I did not see that one coming (so to speak).

Neither didThe New York Post, “given that more than 99% of residents are Muslim and the country is widely conceived to have traditional views when it comes sex and relationships.”

Based on the Quran and Hadiths (sayings and actions of the Prophet Muhammad), Islam considers premarital sex a sin. I’m not saying the prohibition makes illicit sex more desirable or prevalent, but if we were to make a Venn diagram…

We Shoot, We Score!

Meanwhile, The New York Post headlines the survey results with a double entendre: Most promiscuous countries in the world revealed: Here’s how America scores.

TRISKADECAPHOBIA ALERT! The United States came in 13th (so to speak), with 10.7 sexual partners per person.

Screw the Turks (literally or figurative). That’s what you wanted to know, right? Because you wanted to know if your own bedpost-notching stat squares with the average American’s.

Before you high-five yourself (or whatever), in terms of scientific credibility, the World Population Review’s rankings are rank.


The email-contact-only ad-supported “independent for-profit organization” credits its figures to “datasets from multiple third party sources.” Methodologically curious link lovers need not apply.

C’mon! What are we talking here? Sexual partners per lifetime? Per orgy? How many people at what age amongst which demographic groups using what questions were surveyed by whom by what method?

Accepting WPR’s stats as presented – qualifying us for a Brooklyn bridge purchase – we now turn to The Post’s characterization of the not-even-semi-scientific-survey as a promiscuousness index.

Promiscuous or Successful?

It’s often said men are naturally promiscuous: hard-wired (so to speak) to spread their seed widely (literally).

Whereas women are not. Not that women have a seed to spread. Which is probably the main reason they’re not sleeping around, what with the risk of rape, pregnancy and STD-caused infertility.

Where was I? Are men genetically programmed to be penis profligate?

The sine qua non of controversial subjects, Monica AI, tells us male promiscuity has “been debated among researchers and scholars.” And provides the PC prevarication we know and love.

It's essential to note that human behavior is complex and influenced by various factors, including culture, society, individual values, and personal experiences. Not all men exhibit promiscuous behavior, and there is variability in behavior across individuals.

Well that’s a relief! Although not my usual (link reasonably SFW).

The More You Know…

Hang on, if men sleep with a lot of women to pass on their genes, doesn’t that mean that women sleep with a lot of men?

My go-to math guy, a man who used to crunch numbers in a windowless room for a three-letter agency, set me straight.

It could just be that there's a small population of absolutely filthy sluts and the majority of women are prudes. That'll bring down the average. Or rather, it'll bring down the median value but the average should remain roughly the same.

I sense a bit of bias there. Or too many Mountain Dews.

When it comes to a detailed review of human behavioral stats, Forbes is the business – although that might not be the right word.

Writer Alice G. Walton may not base her analysis on averaging 18 trillion terabytes of other people’s website data, but she does have a Doctor of Biopsychology and Behavioral Neuroscience from the CUNY Graduate Center. (Don’t even think it.)

In 2018, Ms. Walton examined a study of UK men published in the Journal of Sex Research surveying 15k people aged 17 to 74. The Yoga-proficient Doc concluded that these kind of studies are BS. Sorry, inherently suspect.

Women were more likely to actually tally up the exact number than men were—men were more likely to estimate, especially when their numbers were higher. But they even estimated more frequently when their numbers were lower. Their reports were also more likely to end in a 5 or a 0, especially when the number of partners they reported having was higher, which again suggests there may be some (over)estimating and rounding going on.

Enough science!

The bigger – make that more important question on the table: does a high “body count” justify The Post’s deployment of the “p” word?’s definition of “promiscuous” is the dictionary definition of milquetoast – “having or involving many sexual partners : not restricted to one sexual partner or few sexual partners.” is a lot closer to the truth about promiscuity - as you’d expect from a website whose random word of the day is edification.

The adjective promiscuous is often used pejoratively to refer to someone who has many romantic partners. However, the word can also be used in a general sense to mean "not limited, restrained, or restricted." If you're a promiscuous reader, you'll read just about anything — from biographies to science fiction to the back of the cereal box.

Combing the two descriptions – as we must – society worldwide generally views someone who’s “sexually promiscuous” as a whore/manwhore.

A badge of honor, a badge of shame or neither or both depending on who’s talking, who’s listening and the range of variables outlined by Monica AI.

Bottom Line

Extracting useful information on human behavior from surveys is an unreliable, lying, cheating bitch (no disrespect intended).

Comparing average national body counts is about as valuable as comparing average national penis sizes. Except the former has a moral component and the latter does not.

Setting all that aside, four Scandinavian countries made the top ten in what I’m calling the WPR’s “friskiness” chart. Totally believable.

Ask me how I know – as long as you don’t use my answer for statistical analysis.


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