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  • Robert Farago

Vandalized Mega-Yacht – A Sign of Eco-Terrorism to Come?

Chaos in Ibiza

“A group of climate change activists trashed a $300 million super yacht owned by billionaire Walmart heiress Nancy Walton Laurie by blasting it with paint,” reports. Uh-oh. This time it’s personal.

Spray painting a 331-foot yacht with fire extinguishers loaded with red and black paint might seem like a minor inconvenience to Kaos’ owner but A) it isn’t and b) Futuro Vegetal’s redecoration is a harbinger of things to come.

Actually, it may be the only visible example of things that happened concurrently. The Post alludes to attacks on other mega-yachts and private jets in Ibiza. Not to go all RFK, but the press may be keeping similar incidents on the DL.

Future Vegetable was following the lead of Extinction Rebellion Ibiza, a non-violent, direct action organization demanding a ban on private jets and luxury yachts for their “excessive” carbon footprint. The same org whose members glued themselves to a German runway.

How long before these groups begin competing for attention, moving beyond vandalism into eco-terrorism? I’m not going to Google it, but I reckon you can sink a private yacht or sabotage a private jet with stuff you find in Home Depot.

You can bet the security around yachts, jets and mansions around the world will improve by Friday. The one percent can afford it, right? Even if they have to marry a Heinz heiress to do it.

Yes there is that. The Ibiza desecration(s) aren’t just about saving the planet from carbon emissions. They’re entangled with Marxist outrage at the gap between the poor and the super-rich. Which reminds me…

When I lived in the U.K., a native explained the difference between a Yank and a Brit. “An American sees a Rolls Royce and says ‘someday I’ll own one of those.’ A Brit "says ‘fucking rich bastard.’”

Is that still true?

Incessant claims of “systemic racism.” Endless calls for “the rich to pay their fair share.” It’s clear to me that Americans are losing faith in the idea – make that the ideal – of our country as the land of opportunity. Equal opportunity.

Regardless, violent class/race-based “uprisings” like the post-George Floyd and French riots are one thing. Combining social unrest with ecological fanaticism is another. That’s what’s going down…

“The only reason we continue to maintain an economic system that leads us to eco-social collapse is to sustain the privileges of this small privileged class,” Future Vegetable’s statement asserts. “The mega-rich live off the suffering of others.”

Once upon a time, environmentalism was a fringe thing. Nowadays, the mainstream media and politicians promote global warming as “settled science.” The end of the world as we know it!

And who will suffer? Climate change hits the poor hardest, The World Economic Forum home page proclaims, complete with the picture above. It’s enough to make Greta Thunberg and her angry acolytes see red.

Are climate change activists pissed off enough to kill people?

Most people are nowhere near fanatical enough to sacrifice a human on the altar of rising sea levels. But diehard with a vengeance eco-terrorists are out there, somewhere. Doing things like…

Tree spiking – In May, 1987, sawmill worker George Alexander was nearly decapitated when a tree-spike shattered his saw blade at the Cloverdale Louisiana-Pacific mill.

Sabotage - There’s a long history of eco-terrorists sabotaging logging equipment, oil pipelines and power plants.

Arson - Eco-terrorists have torched logging camps, research facilities and homes. In 1998, the Earth Liberation Front (ELF) set fire to three buildings and four chair lifts at the Vail Ski Resort.

Bombing - In 1982, the Animal Liberation Front (ALF) bombed a New Jersey research facility conducting animal experimentation. The bombing caused significant damage and injured several people.

In 2020, the FBI reported 201 “environmental crimes,” including arson, vandalism and sabotage. None of which involved mega-yachts, jets or air-conditioned mansions.

Until now, eco-terrorists have focused on the means of production, not high-flyers’ toys and homes. Now that they’ve broken that cherry, doing so without hiding their identity, you can expect to see more of the same, only worse.

The media and politicians sympathizing with law-breaking protesters and fanning the flames of climate change alarmism are grooming next gen socio-eco-terrorists.

As for the beleaguered and/or endangered elite, Maxwell Smart will tell you: the opposite of chaos is control. The carbon-spewing Powers That Be will get their friends in high places to come down on yacht, jet and mansion-defiling eco-terrorists like a ton of bricks. For poetry sake, make that a Redwood tree.

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