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  • Robert Farago

Biden vs. Israel

With friends like this...

On Tuesday, President Biden addressed his deep-pocketed pals at a Washington fundraiser. The President told the assembled throng that Israel's “starting to lose” international support for its war against Hamas because of its "indiscriminate bombing" of Gaza.

The President’s assertion that Israel is aimlessly dropping bombs on Palestinian civilians did nothing to stem the erosion of international support for Israel’s war against Hamas, and everything to accelerate it. Stoking the fires of antisemitism.

If the IDF is lobbing bombs in Gaza without discriminating between military and civilian targets, how can anyone not believe that Israel is committing genocide?


Unless President Biden has proof that Israel is bombing Palestinians willy-nilly, and maybe even if he does, he should STFU.

Alternatively, now might be a good time to highlight the fact – again, still – that Hamas has zero regard for civilian lives. Just so we’re clear…

On October 7, Hamas targeted then kidnapped, raped, murdered and mutilated some 1200 Israeli civilians: boys, girls, men, women, children and babies. Since that fateful day, Hamas launched more than ten thousand unguided rockets at Israel.

Hamas’ “military” is based in tunnels – under hospitals, schools, mosques and apartmentst – that turn their populace into human shields. The terrorists shot at their own people attempting to leave the war zone. All of which constitutes war crimes under international law.

Equivocation R Us

The blowback on the President’s off-hand, ill-advised, anti-Israeli remarks forced him to walk it back.

"I want them to be focused on how to save civilian lives," Biden equivocated yesterday. "Not stop going after Hamas but be more careful."

The Brits have advice for people who make this common mistake: when you’re in a hole, stop digging.

The President’s “clarification” clearly implies that the IDF hasn’t been careful enough in its bombing. Semi-genocidal? Yeah, well…

Innocent Bystanders?

While no one of good conscience would suggest military forces should target non-combatants, Palestinians are no more “innocent bystanders” than German civilians were during World War II. Maybe less.

A new poll by the Palestinian Center for Policy and Survey Research reports that 72 to 82 percent of the Palestinian population believe Hamas was right to launch its Oct. 7 attack.

Some of that support may be down to Israel’s response to the October 7th invasion and massacre. But not all. Not even most.

The President has never mentioned this sticky wicket. The omission allows the international community to paint Palestinians as complete innocents. Making the Israelis un- or semi-justified aggressors.

Ignoring the underlying cause of Hamas: Iranian-supported religious/cultural hatred for Western values – an existential threat to freedom and dignity throughout the civilized world.

Unconditional Support

Other than military supplies and intelligence, Israel needs America’s unequivocal condemnation of anti-Israeli animus and a declaration of our unconditional support from our Commander-in-Chief. Assuming that the IDF is doing its utmost to limit civilian casualties.

Which President Biden gave at the beginning of the campaign. Now, not so much. Not so clearly. Not so forcefully.

Partisan politics aside, that’s a shame. While the average American supports Israel’s war on terror, the media and other members of our “elite” continue to undermine it, albeit on the DL.

AI Anti-Semitism

Case in point: Google’s Generative AI (of all things). Check out the response to a question about the October 7th massacre,

In addition to the unrequested whataboutism, Google AI neglected to add important context – the Gaza Health Ministry is controlled by Hamas. Someone needs a good talking to.


Telling the world what’s at stake in the IDF’s campaign, pledging our full faith in our ally’s ability to conduct its war within the bounds of international law. That would be our second greatest gift to the Jewish state (after military supplies).

Equally, a coherent, focused and understandable rallying cry from President Biden would remind the American people what it means to be American. To stand for freedom and against evil.

כל הפוסל במומו פוסל

President Woodrow Wilson famously proclaimed “friendship is the only cement that will ever hold the world together.”

By casting aspersions on Israel’s war on Hamas, by catering to barely-disguised antisemitic Americans inside and outside his Party, President Biden is degrading that which protects us against those who want tear our world to pieces.

This is not the time – if there ever is one – to give aid and comfort to Israel’s enemies and detractors by castigating the IDF for unsubstantiated claims of cruelty and “careless” genocide.

This is the time to listen to the old Hebrew proverb: he who invalidates another invalidates himself.


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