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  • Robert Farago

With Friends Like This...

President Biden hailed the Hamas hostage release as a victory. “The proof that this is working and worth pursuing further is in every smile and every grateful tears we see on the faces of those families who are finally getting back together again.” What it actually proves…

Hamas is winning the PR war. Images of Hamas serial killers’ unconscionable savagery have been replaced by scenes of joyful reunion. This as Hamas continues to hold over 180 hostages. Who are all significantly more valuable to the death cult than they were before the Israeli ceasefire.

While the Consoler-in-Chief’s emotional outpouring at the first American’s release – "I wish I were there to hold her” – plays to his liberal base, what kind of message does it send to the Iranian-backed death cult?

Where’s George C. Scott’s Patton when you need him? If the General’s spirit had somehow suddenly inhabited President Biden during this war, the CIC would have said…

While we welcome Avigail Edan’s release, rest assured that the United States of America will do everything in its considerable power to hunt down and kill the animals who shot her father while he held her in his arms, murdered her mother, then abducted the blood-covered four-year-old and subjected her to 50 days of mental and physical torture.

On Sunday, a “subdued” President Biden declared America’s goal: "to keep this pause extended so we can keep seeing hostages come out and surge more humanitarian to those in need in Gaza.”

A reporter asked the Commander-in-Chief the end game. How does the conflict, you know, end? The President paused for a good ten seconds. “When Hamas is no longer in control of Gaza.”

Not “when Hamas is eradicated from the face of the Earth.” Understandably. Them’s fightin’ words! Or, diplomatically speaking, “an expression of bad faith.” You can’t say that if you’re negotiating with terrorists. Especially when they got the better part of the deal.

No matter how the post-pause battle ends, the release of hostages gives fresh vigor to “the river to the sea” antisemites. They can point to Hamas’ willingness to bargain with “the bad guys” as a badge of honor, demanding Israel “just leave Britney alone!

Israel has killed thousands of Palestinians! Stop supporting the genocide. Stop the war! Sure, Hamas shed Jewish blood. It was self-defense against apartheid and settler colonialism! Call it square.

I can’t believe I typed that, never mind that anyone with half a brain would believe it. But there it is.

The ignorance and naïveté on the pro-Palestinian left is stunning.

“If you resolve the problem which created Hamas then will be no Hamas,” a YouTube commentator asserts, “because Palestinians are not Hamas and they want to live in peace as Jews.”

Remind me again: who elected Hamas as their government? How brainwashed are the Palestinians to view Jews as subhuman filth to be exterminated? Come to think of it, how many pro-Palestinian anti-Hamas demonstrations have we seen? Other than none.

Truth be told, Hamas (and the Palestinians) don’t give a flying fuck about the hostages, except as bargaining chips that can be used to emotionally manipulate the useful idiots who support them.

Some might say just like President Biden, but I couldn’t possibly comment. But let’s be clear where the lines are currently drawn in this conflict, and why.

On one side, there are people who believe that we can “solve the problem” of genocidal anti-semitism (and racism, income inequality. criminality, etc.) by “changing the system.”

On the other side, there are people who believe that human nature is immutable. There are homicidal Jew haters in the world. Always have been. Always will be. All you can do is “discourage” them.

On October 7, when Hamas showed themselves for the animals they are, some of the “problem solvers” on the left had a wake-up call. Unfortunately, our President wasn’t one of them.

Negotiating with Hamas after what they’ve done, standing by while Iran trains, arms and subsidizes Hamas and other terrorist groups, is delusional madness.

George called it: “Moral courage is the most valuable and usually the most absent characteristic in men.” It’s only a matter of time before its lack will come back to bite us.


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